About Mrs. Horvath

Who is this lady standing in front of the room?

This is the place to find all about her. Familiarity helps in understanding.

Every year you meet new teachers, and you often wonder about them.
This little biography will fill you in on some of my background.
Trust me, we will learn much about each other.

Background Bullets:

  • I have been teaching for almost longer than most of you have been born. (It is very scary to me to say that.)
  • I went to West Mifflin - not all teachers live in the basement of the school - just some.
  • I have a Bachelor's of Science in Secondary Education from Duquesne University and a Master's in Education from IUP.
  • I am certified to teach both social studies and English (you should be afraid).
  • I am married and I am a mom. But I am not your mom, or your friend. I am your teacher who wants to help you learn and grow.

My Personal Philosophy on Learning:

No one is stupid. Some people learn faster than others. Some people have to work harder to understand. Some people are lazy and need to break that bad habit in order to succeed.

If you try, I will try harder to help you.

You gain from learning twice as much as you put into it.

Your purpose for being in my room is to learn.